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The Betrayal of Newton's Law

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If the net force acting on an object is zero
It will endure its state of motion or rest",
And the excess to which I regard physics
Leaves me ousted, silenced, at very best
But my mind slips beyond the equation
Of the simplicity captured as F equals m, a
Ponder instead of how I remain at rest
When the strains of the trivial seize my every day
When my grades tumble in masses to the earth
When acquaintances wholly vitiate my sense of worth
When metal handles of copper pots burn pictures through my hands
When children's veins are split open on culturally oppressive third world lands
I remain, and fear I always will be, an object at rest
Ousted from existence, silenced at very best
And I try to decipher; if a number multiplied enough times equals zero
Because at times I feel the net force suffocating me is so large that it cancels out
Because I feel so much that I feel nothing at all
There's a cliff in front of me, and I'm dying to fall
To counterbalance the net force, to feel anything at all
Because even when my feet beat the floor in steady pace
When my peers write tests, their hearts running a rapid race
The emotions come in masses, but I feel nothing at all
A cliff's before me, balanced forces preventing a fall
And I am, and fear I always will be, an object at rest
Ousted by coercion, silenced, at very best


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