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Hola, fellow Whyvillians. Before we get started, I want to note that I won't be submitting articles on my account Tytref anymore.

I've decided to do one of my first interviews, and the topic? *drumroll please* music! I've brought along some Whyvillians to release their perspective on music. Please welcome XxXxDessi, Obscured, babygpb7, crf1997, and MrCowboy. Even myself will be answering the questions.

iBeMary1: Do you tend to listen to a lot of music? How often?

Me: I listen to music all the time. When nobody's around I sing at the top of my lungs.
Babyjpb7: I listen to music everyday.
Crf1997: Yes! Everyday!
XxXxDessi: Sometimes. I usually listen when I'm a school maybe like 30 minutes.
MrCowBoy: I enjoy listening to music. I try to each day.
Obscured: I listen to a lot of music everyday. If I'm not listening to music, I am definitely singing to myself.

iBeMary1: What does music help you with?

Me: Music helps relieve my common stress, especially after a fight or when I'm doing homework. Obscured: Music helps me with a lot of things. During my diagnosis I would either listen to Pandora or play piano to relieve some of my stress.
MrCowBoy: Music inspires me. I love lyrics mostly.
XxXxDessi: Doing homework and focusing on stuff.
Crf1997: Stress and bad days. If I am having a bad day, I'll just throw on my headphones and blast my music.
Babygpb7: Music can help me to relax, or just be happy.

iBeMary1: Is music important to you? How so?9

Me: Extremely important!
Obscured: Considering I would like to have a career as a pianist, I would say yes. Music is EXTREMELY important.
MrCowBoy: Music is very important...
XxXxDessi: Yeah it is.
Crf1997: Yes it is! I couldn't go a day without it. I love jamming with my friends or just putting on headphones.
Babygpb7: Not really. I can do with or without music.

iBeMary1: Music ranges in so many different categories. What genre do you prefer?

Me: I prefer mostly pop, but I do love to listen to country. I'm a big fan of pop though.
Obscured: I can listen to just about any genre of music with the exception of rap and country music; even those 2 genres I can handle in small dosages. I prefer to listen to Afro-American and Worship music as well as R&B. I play classical and Jazz piano as my major in school at the moment and I want to pursue a career in playing piano on Broadway.
MrCowBoy: I like country and rock.
XxXxDessi: I like pop, rap, R&B and some others. I'm not a fan of country or metal.
Crf1997: I prefer every genre literally. I listen to all kinds of music EXCEPT newer country music. I like old country like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton. I love classical music from Lana Del Rey to The Beatles to Pink Floyd to Lords to Indie! So yeah, literally EVERYTHING except that stupid country music.
Babygpb7: The genres I prefer more recently is pop.

iBeMary1:Do you have a favorite song? What is it?

Me: Definitely "Amazing" by Big Time Rush. I'm an obsessed BTR fan.
Obscured: I don't really have a favorite song. Some songs I am addicted to are: "Beautiful" by Mali Music, "Honeymoon Avenue" by Ariana Grande, and "You Are" by Kiki Sheard.
XxXxDessi: I have 2- "Am I Wrong?" by Nico & Vinz, and "We Own It" by Whiz Khalifa and 2 Chain.
Crf1997: "Gods And Monsters" by Lana Del Rey.
Babygpb7: My favorite song is probably "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd. It's an older song, but it's really cool.

iBeMary1: A lot of teenagers and kids prefer to listen to boy bands like One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, and Big Time Rush. What is your perspective on boy bands? Do you like them?

Me: I love boy bands, but the only two I like are BTR and 5SOS. Like I said, I'm a HUGE BTR fan. I hate 1D.
Obscured: I don't think I've ever been a huge fan of boy bands and I don't like any of the bands listed. Mainly because I don't understand the fact that they have more than 3 members in their bans and majority of the time I can only hear 2 part harmony. I know for a fact that their is so much opportunity experimenting with four and even five part harmony with as many members as they have. Yet half of the time I only hear two? If Pentatonix can do it, so can they.
MrCowBoy: Personally I don't listen to the newer bands like them.
XxXxDessi: No, I hate bands. I don't even listen to them. The only one that I listened to was One Direction, but I don't listen to it as much.
Crf1997: I don't like them. And they all sound the same. All of their songs are about the same thing too.
Babygpb7: Boybands- you either love them or you hate them. Me, I just really dislike them. Girls go wild over them and it just turns me off.

iBeMary1: Do you have a least favorite song? What is it?

Me: "How Bizarre" by OMC and "Ghost" by Ellie Henderson. (I don't know if I spelled her name right) I also hate metal, rock, and gospel music. Obscured: I'm not sure.
MrCowBoy: I dislike rap music.
XxXxDessi: "Do What You Want" by Lady Gaga, and some others. I can't stand country rock or metal music.
Crf1997: Any modern country song, lol.
Babygpb7: I don't really have a least favorite song. Songs that are constantly played over and over again can make my dislike it though.

iBeMary1: Do you have the confidence to sing publicly?

Me: Not now, but I am taking vocal lessons so if I end up singing good, I may sing in public. My singing voice sounds like a dying horse.
MrCowBoy: I sometimes sing with a band when we go on our camping trips.
Obscured: I love singing! I don't like to be the center of attention when singing although I have sang solo performances quite a few times somehow.
XxXxDessi: Naaah, I just watch people sing and be like, "dang, they good!!
Crf1997: No way!
Babygpb7: Definitely not. I hardly have the confidence to speak publicly.

Signing off, iBeMary1


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