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What Your Beauty Products Really Do To You

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I guess the title is a bit miss leading, but not really.

I was just scrolling through Pinterest and found a picture with what beauty products that are worn by 86% of the world. Are these really giving you positive affects than a time waster and a few compliments? Get natural, ladies and gents.

Disclaimer: because the picture is a little hard to read, I can't make out all of the chemicals and some are just too long and messed up to spell, I will not be putting them. Research more into this if you would like.

It may be a cleaning tool, which we should still use after this, but it can be harmful.

Average # of Chemicals: 15
Possible Side Effects: Irritation; possible eye damage

Eye Shadow:
Chemicals: 26
Possible Side Effects: Link to Cancer; irritability; hormonal disruptions and damage to the body's organs

Chemicals: 33
Possible Side Effects: Allergies; links to Cancer

Nail Varnish (polish?):
Chemicals: 31
Possible Side Effects: Linked to fertility issues and problems in developing babies

Chemicals: 250
Possible Side Effects: Irritation to mouth, throat and eyes; nausea; linked to kidney damage

Fake Tan:
Chemicals: 22
Possible Side Effects: Rashes; irritation; hormonal disruption

Average # of Chemicals: 11
Possible Side Effects: Allergies; irritation to eyes, nose and throat; hormonal disruption; linked to changes in cell structure

Chemicals: 16
Possible Side Effects: Rashes; irritation; hormonal disruption

Chemicals: 24
Possible Side Effects: Allergies; disrupts immune system; links to cancer

Deodorant (still suggested to use, or find a more natural and less harmful way to create):
Chemicals: 15
Possible Side Effects: Irritation of skin, eyes and lungs; headaches; dizziness; respiratory problems

Body Lotion:
Chemicals: 32
Possible Side Effects: Rashes; irritation; hormonal disruption

Try limiting these products to a use of 1 time a week, and if you can do that, 2 times a month. At this point, it looks like you'll feel better without all these products, so will your wallet!

Go natural.

~ Brianna


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