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Winter Safari Contest

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Winter Safari Contest

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The Solstice Safari of summer 2002 is coming to an end, and it is kind of depressing. I'm sure most of you have made new friends, learned a lot, and overall had a great experience. But what about next Safari, the winter 2002 one? Are you going to join then, too? "I would, but I won't have a why-pass then," you say. Well, in order to encourage people to join next year, I have come up with a contest that might possibly appeal to you...

I am giving away 3 2-month why-passes beginning whenever the safari starts, or earlier, if you request one earlier. In order to enter, here's what you have to do:

  1. Write a paper at least 2 paragraphs long about (1 thing only):
    • Your solstice safari experience. What did you learn? Did you enjoy it?,etc.
    • What is your favorite thing about Whyville and why?
    • What you would do without a computer. (!!!!)
  2. Y-mail that paper to me, emma200 and tell me your age, too. (For fair judging.)

The deadline is August 1st, so please Times Editor, publish this contest soon! One entry per person.

I will judge the entries by creativity, making sense-ity (is that a word? lol), and how thoughtful the entry is.

I will announce the 3 finalists on August 10th. Hopefully the Times Editor will have a vote for everyone in the Times. If not, I'll take Y-mail votes or something.

Well anyway, GOOD LUCK!




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