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The Eye Level of Nature

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For the better part of last semester, I was working on a final project for my photography class that was supposed to have a theme and some personal significance to me. My initial theme was death, as any brooding teenager in the impending onset of a Wisconsin winter might choose, but after a semester full of camera snaps and life changes, I felt my perspective had changed. I noticed that many of my favorite pictures I had taken involved nature photography at ground level, which resulted in an interesting point of view that I called "the eye level of nature" in an impromptu description during my presentation. The result resembled miniature landscapes.

Most of these pictures were taken in my own backyard, often just setting my camera on the ground (usually with a small paper plate underneath it, especially if the ground was wet). One of these was even taken at night! Can you guess which? For any of you camera geeks, these photos were taken with the widest possible aperture setting to create shallow depth of field, with shutter speed varying from 1/400 to 3 seconds, depending on the lighting.

Do you have a favorite? Do you have any camera or photography related questions? Feel free to send me a ymail or tell me about it in the BBS!



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