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How to Organize Your Makeup

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Hi guys! Today I'm going to show you a couple of tips on organizing your makeup.

I know that I have A LOT of makeup and it used to be out of hand, but ever since I started using these tips my makeup has been nice and organized. Here is my vanity:

​The white/clear organizers that are holding a majority of my makeup are all from Walmart and were about $8 each.

Starting on the very left side:

​Here I have a mason jar that cost me $1.47 at Walmart filled with some pretty rocks that I also found at Walmart for around $5 to hold a few of my smaller makeup brushes. Behind that I have a little mail organizer that I found at Ross for $4 to hold a few of my eyeshadow palettes. And then just a cute flower and vase I found at Walmart for around $5 to decorate some.

Moving right I have a clear organizer that I found at Ross for $10 (set of 3) that holds my everyday makeup products and my favorite foundations.

​Now moving on from left to right:

​Here I have another one of the same jars filled with the pretty rocks holding some more of my smaller brushes. Behind that I have clear lipstick holder from Ebay that was around $5. Moving over I have a cool planter that I had found at the 99 cent store holding the rest of my bigger face brushes. And in front of that I have two little jars that used to contain candles from Walmart that I got for $1 each holding my earring and bobby pins.

I hope this article helps you out.


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