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Culture and Canada

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Culture and Canada

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Yay! =) This is TIKE again with some culture I would like to share. Today, I would like to give you some knowledge on the beautiful country called Canada. That is where I live. Many of you probably live in Canada or have visited it. However, I am sure that some of you haven't been to Canada and do not know a lot about it.

Canada is composed of provinces, similar to the states in the U.S. We also have a Federal Structure of Government, which came from Britain. A Prime Minister runs Canada (like a President) and the Prime Minister of Canada at this time is Jean Chretien.

Canada has a very unique climate. In the wintertime, it snows probably in about every part of Canada. Some areas receive more snow than others. Unlike the myths, Canadians do not live in igloos. Remember that Canada is next door to the United States. Southern Ontario is more south than some parts of the U.S. and is attached to states such as Michigan, Ohio, and New York.

Canada has a beautiful landscape. On the west side of Canada, through British Columbia and Alberta, are the Rocky Mountains. On the east side, close to Quebec and some of the Maritime Provinces, are the Appalachian Mountains. Canada also has a desert, prairie, and arctic area.

During the summer months, it can get pretty hot, especially in urban cities. Some of Canada's most populous cities are Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa. Ottawa is the nation's capital and is where the Parliament buildings are located.

Canada has also hosted some of the world's most popular events such as the Olympics (in Calgary and Montreal), and Expo67 which hosted people from all across the world.

There are 2 national languages in Canada. They are French and English. In high school and elementary schools, students are taught how to speak French.

Canadians themselves come from all around the world. Different cultures, religions, and races makes Canada what it is. I am extremely proud to be Canadian.

I hope you learned more about culture and Canada. Perhaps this may encourage those who haven't been to Canada to come visit.

Until next time, Salut & Bonjour (which mean good-bye in French).




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