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Would you be interested in an easy 500k, 250k, or 125k? If the answer is "yes", keep reading, and if the answer is "no", keep reading anyway.

The Times - once the most exquisitely prestigious section that illuminated the BBS has sadly, but undoubtedly, decreased in popularity and submissions. The submissions have dwindled enough to cause mayhem with the release date of articles. When I used to habitually write for the Times, I reminisce it as having been an honor to have your articles accepted, as then, the amount of submissions were high, and only a set amount of articles would be allowed onto the weekly online paper. People wrote continuously, hoping to have their piece accepted and presented. I think it's safe to say "Times" have changed.

This has led me to present you with the "Reclaim the Times Challenge!" Participants of this challenge include everyone and anyone. The details are as follows . . .

Who can participate: Anyone (especially those seeking a 500k, 250k, or 125k prize)!

What to do: Submit two articles to the Times. One is an article of your choice - it can be a picture, a poem, a personal piece . . . whatever you please! The second must be called "Reclaim the Times: 'A title of your choice'". The second article must include why you think there are less submissions, and a solution to the depleted amount of submissions at the Times. This can include monthly contests, awards, parties, etc. Be creative!

When: Your articles must be submitted no later than the March 22, 2015 Times release date! However, articles will also be accepted if they are submitted earlier on the March 15, 2015 release date.

Where: Email your articles at times@whyville.net. Make sure title your submission as "Events: Your Username Here, title of your article here".

Why Participate: The first place price is 500k, the second place price is 250k, and the third place prize 125k! Smaller prizes will be given out if there are a lot of participants. Moreover, writing for the Times will make you a stronger writer, and this will help you extensively in school. Writing is also a great way to release anxiety - why not showcase that talent too?

If you are participating, I ask that you y-mail me stating so. A simple "I am participating in the challenge" would suffice, as I'd like to calculate an approximate number of participants to decide whether further prizes will be distributed. With that, get writing!


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