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Everything is Not As it Seems

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Sometimes you may feel like everything you come across has a hard side, but if you really observe you will understand that everything has an opposite side too. For example, take a coconut. It might seem very hard from the outside but when you break it, you'll find its meat, which, as you know, is very soft and tasty and so is its water. It's good for your health as well.

You might believe in 'unlucky 13' but can you explain why do you think it's not lucky? Is it because your parents believe in this or something that's happened in your life has changed the way you think of the number? I guarantee that most of you don't even know why this is unlucky. But some might say that there's some kind of a history behind it. Like some hotels and building don't have a 13th floor. They have the 14th floor after the 12th. But I guess nobody knows the real story. But whatever, I am nobody to say your belief is wrong.

13 it is actually considered 'lucky' for some reasons. In countries like India and Thailand, 13 is a lucky number and a lucky day (Friday the 13th) as well.

Some more reasons to believe 13 is actually lucky:

1. According to Greek beliefs, Zeus was the 13th and most powerful God. So, 13 symbolizes power.
2. 13 is a prime number and can only be divided by itself and 1. Thus, 13 is the meaning of totality and completion.
3. According to Hinduism, 13 is considered a very lucky number and a very fruitful day. Because on the Hindu Calendar, the 13th day past eclipse is called 'Trayodashi' and Hindu God Lord Shiva is worshiped on that very day. So it is a lucky number for the Hindu people.

But after all, thirteen is just another number, it's neither lucky or unlucky. So regardless of your beliefs, there's nothing wrong in it.

I want you to criticize on it and give me feedback in the BBS.

Thank you for reading.
Signing off, xxDiyaxx

Author's Note: Source: www.boldsky.com/yoga-spirituality/faith-mysticism/2014/how-is-number-13-lucky-040718.html


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