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Makeup Shaming

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Author's Note: This was not intended to offend anyone. I respect everyone's opinions.

In the recent past, a user entered a beautifully written article about the cons of makeup, expressing her opinion on how our society is shallow, how girls feel required to wear makeup, etc. Let's all start a rebellion and not wear anything on our face. This made me think about the trend "Makeup Shaming" and realized that makeup really isn't as terrible as everyone seems to think it is.

I would first like to address that "orange faces and panda eyes", as the writer has referred to the results of makeup, is merely a stereotype. Now, I'm not one of THOSE people; I believe stereotypes exist for a reason, to some extent, but I am still waiting for the day that I come face to face with a person that resembles an orange panda. Girls are responsible enough to wear makeup without looking like a non-existent animal.

Many people are under the impression that girls who wear makeup are shallow imbeciles that ruin the confidence of bare faces for the fun of it. Wrong. From my experience, the roles are flipped. Today's society has managed to persuade us hormonal little girls that makeup is bad. "Oh, show your natural beauty, you are PER-FECT just the way you are! (Oh, and just between us, people will like you better if you don?t wear any!)" These days, it won't be uncommon for you to be called a certain four letter word for wearing makeup. That's the perfect way to raise your self esteem! *Note the heavy sarcasm.*

More on that wonderful self esteem, we girls aren't FORCED to wear makeup! Society makes it sound as though we are damsels in distress who wear makeup only to impress people. Once again, WRONG. We don't hate wearing it! In fact, some people enjoy it. A lot! Girls often wear makeup just to boost their own self esteem, not or anyone else. What's wrong with it if you are comfortable in your own skin?

If makeup is so bad, why are most girls still wearing it? Everyone says it's practically a mortal sin to wear it. What happens then? Not much. We buy makeup, and then we wear it because we simply want to. If we don't, we won't.


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