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Milk Ingredients

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Milk Ingredients

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I like My Milk Modified, Thanks.

Hello, BabyPowdr here, saying I like to have modified milk. I do, yes. Why? Well, let me tell you about modified milk.

It is an excellent source of calcium, and it helps the milk to stay good. Did you know, that there is a special seaweed mixed in with your milk to help keep it good? I did -- in fact, I always thought that when you emptied the carton that you would find a leaf of green stuff, but I now know that it is pulverized into little bits, then mixed in the milk. This stops the milk from separating. It is common to find this mineralized seaweed in your chocolate milk and flavoured milk, rather than white milk, but it shows up everywhere.

    "It is Health Canada's position that modified milk ingredients containing more than 5% calcium on a dry matter basis are mineral nutrients for the purposes of the Food and Drug Regulations (FDR). As such, their use in foods must comply with the provisions of the FDR respecting the addition of calcium to foods. These modified milk ingredients containing greater than 5% calcium on a dry matter basis cannot be added to a food unless the food is listed in column I of the table to FDR D.03.002 and calcium is listed in Column II opposite that food.

    At present, there is no provision for the addition of calcium to orange juice in the table to section D.03.002 of the FDR. However, Health Canada will entertain submissions to issue Temporary Marketing Authorization Letters (TMAL) pursuant to section B.01.054 of the FDR to permit the addition of calcium to orange juice at levels found in milk in order to generate information in support of an amendment to the Regulations. A number of conditions apply. At this time, TMALs are only being issued for orange juice, concentrated orange juice or reconstituted orange juice. For more information, or to apply for a TMAL, please contact the Assistant Deputy Minister, Health Products and Food Branch, Health Canada."

That is a quote from a letter sent to someone important by the national food inspector. It means that they are pumping calcium into young people of today, because milk is generally approved by young kids and teens. This will cut down on osteoporosis in the future if young girls are chugging back the milk. This is a good thing! :-)

There are some things in foods, though, that aren't as good as modified milk ingredients. Take Tahiti Treat for example -- delicious, right? Well, I am never going to drink it again so long as I live. Same as freezes, I hardly eat those too, if I can help it. I am not s'posed to eat orange cheese, or other foods high in dyes and preservatives. Tahiti Treat would be that, same as my going a chewing on a tire. My dad works for Industrial Tires Limited. He took one look at the ingredients and told me that I might as well chew on the tires of our car, because some of the ingredients in the pop were the same ones he uses to make tires. Gross, huh? And the freezes, they have so much dye in them, drinking them is basically sucking back chemicals. You have to watch what is in your food, because some things aren't really worth eating.

Well, I hope I informed you about some things that are in our food, and that you watch out for them. Hopefully sometime I will be able to give you a list of things to watch for, but in the mean time...

Lata Dayz,



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