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The first topic that was given in the announcement of a monthly times contest was, "What inspires you to write for the Times?" I'm not very much of a writer, but I do love taking and painting pictures.

Both of these require creativity. Angles, lighting, composition, color, and many other things are considered when going about these things. I like seeing how people view things differently and how one person's idea is completely different from someone else's but both assigned the same materials.

Some people think they don't have a creative bone in their body. When they try to think of something they just can't come up with any ideas and I don't quite understand that. I guess I assume since I'm into this stuff that everyone else is too. Guess not.

Anyways . . . What inspires me to submit to the Times is ultimately the creativity. You can submit anything you are interested in and chances are there is someone else out there that likes it too. It's pretty cool to think about.

Here's a picture I took in Baltimore, Maryland a few years ago. It's some type of animal made out of wood, paint, glitter, buttons, rope, and a saddle. I would have not thought to make this. What animal is it? A horse? Pig? We may never know. That's why we need creativity and imagination to make it what we want. The Times, whyville, or even just life in general.


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