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Style Studio Etiquette

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Remember way back when, when a hacker would ask "Can I give you a makeover?", and of course, you said "Yes!". Then the hackers asked for your password, and being the newbie you were, you willingly gave it up. Next thing you knew, your clams, faceparts, and possibly your whole account, were gone. That all changed with the addition of the Style Studio where you can safely give and receive makeovers. Here are some tips on proper Style Studio etiquette.

Always Say "Please" and "Thank You"

Whether you're the stylist or style-ee manners are important. For the stylist, being nice attracts more customers and will get you good ratings. For the style-ee, good manners will make the stylist want to give you a great makeover, and you might even get better prices!

Clearly State Whether You Are Buying Parts or Would Like A Makeover

This will make the stylist's job so much easier, especially if the stylist only does makeovers or only sells. (This also, the stylist should explain.)

Use the Favorite Tool to Your Advantage

Choosing favorite parts helps the stylist immensely when giving a makeover. We're not mindreaders! If you favorite parts, there's no way you'll be dissatisfied with your makeover.

Make Sure You and the Stylist Agree to the Makeover/Price

Don't press "I'm happy with this look" before the stylist gives the go-ahead! The stylist may not be finished with the makeover, or you may have just unknowingly ran off with her rares (which is a big deal). If the stylist agrees to selling you her parts, then you can click and confirm your purchase.

Charge Accordingly

As a stylist, if you are only going to sell face parts, and not give an actual makeover, don't charge 300 clams for them to look at your parts! Think about it like this, you aren't expected to pay for window shopping! If you are giving makeovers, then you can charge more for your services.

Don't Scam

This is a big one. Don't try to scam people out of there face parts. Not only does it hurt the stylist, it hurts you. Word will get out, most likely on the BBS, and no one will want to give you a makeover again.

Give Fair Ratings

Don't rate your stylist 1 star because you didn't like her or her face parts. If you didn't like the makeover, ask for something else! Stylists are there to help, and a good stylist will be willing to re-do it if you ask nicely. There are very few times you should rate a stylist with one or two stars.

Pay The Stylist, Even if You Didn't Buy Anything

This is pretty self-explanatory. It's the least you could do. Pay the fee as a "thank you" for the stylist taking the time to style you.

As the Style Studio gets more and more popular, stylists must work harder than ever to please customers. Follow these tips to become a better style studio stylist or customer, and remember, tip your waitress! Er, I mean, stylist.

Off to give a makeover,


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