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I Wish I Weren't a Poet

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well you came at just the right time
left a bit early, but it's alright
i looked through the glass half past midnight
asked a slug how he's holding up --
he said he's hangin' fine --
this morning i looked again
the reflection was mine

i cough up the words i never said
i speak 'em all to people i've never met
god, i miss you and i wish we'd fallen in love
i'm so desperate for this i lost what i'm made of
in order to understand, i left me behind
and who am i now? back then, who was i?

well you came around just to hurt my feelings
told me i took your heart but you handed it over
if you'd stick around i'd apologize for stealing
god, i miss you and i wish i weren't a loner
loved a person i met a couple hours ago --
in the next few hours, i'll start to hate them though
i never stick to one idea for long
i'll meet a stranger again in a few more songs
you know, it's weird -- because when i start to look real close
every stranger i meet is a me that speaks prose god, i miss you and i wish i weren't a poet


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