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Locked Up - Permanently

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Ever wonder what it is like to walk on the grounds of a prison that has been abandoned? Maybe it's just me.

Ever since I was little I have seen this castle-like building as we were driving by on the interstate. When I found out it was an abandoned prison, it made the building all the more interesting. Obviously, finding out something that looked so cool was heavily guarded and off-limits, it made me want to visit even more.

This is the old Tennessee State Prison. Opened in 1898, closed in 1992. Where we walked we saw the power plant, the cafeteria, death row, and the prison itself. I do not know what buildings all of these were in because none of them had signs, but they all look equally as cool.

This was a special event that opened the gates for just a few hours on Saturday morning (May 16, 2015.) It was an amazing experience (to me) even though we could not go inside the buildings or even off the path. It was a 5k run for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters charity.

Thick stone walls, giant steel doors, and abandoned guard towers littered the area around the whole thing. Shattered windows, peeling paint, and broken walls gave the place an eerie, mysterious feeling (as if rumors of the place being haunted wasn't enough . . . I mean . . . We DID walk past the building people on death row were electrocuted in . . . zap zap.)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy just these few pictures out of the hundreds I took.


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