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Sunny Lake

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This is a painting I did a few weeks ago of a boat on the water of a lake. It is oil on canvas. I tried something new with this painting. I didn't like how the sky was looking, so I got straight color on my palette knife, and smeared it across the sky. I like how it blended as I was dragging the knife, but wasn't exactly "smooth." I like the abstract-ness (lol is that a word?) of the sky and water. I definitely don't think this is one of my better ones, but multiple people have said they love it. The hills and boat are almost black, but in the picture they appear more of a grey. This is because the oil is not quite dry yet and there is a glare from the light.

One thing you will always see in my paintings is bright colors, and a lot of them. I will always find a way to get some color in to the sky and water if there is any.

This one sold for 200 (because it's bigger) the same day as my Primary Sky painting.

Painting is just a hobby, but it's nice when they sell. It lets me know what I am producing isn't bad, and I always make my money back for supplies and a little extra for more.


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