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Styles and Looks: The Simple Avatar

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Hi Fashionistas! I've been wanting to bring back a cool idea and that idea is tips and advice for making over your avatar! This is gonna be a series I'm gonna try doing every week so and cover as many looks and styles until there are no more to cover. I will get some other people's advice such as designers, artist, and a regular member that would like to help. All people who have contributed to this series will be mentioned in the article they helped with and designers will be listed along with part names so you can buy them in Akbar's Face Mall. I'm going to do looks one week and styles another, but since there are more look than styles, you will probably see more looks coming. (First look will be next week.)

But for the first look and style, I'm gonna start pretty easy and do a simple look that you can add almost anything to make it look refreshing for weeks. I'm also gonna do the style you'll probably find pretty common if you waltz into any chat room. I tried keeping accessories and makeup to a minimum, but I did choose some pretty glamorous eyes, but I'll explain why later.

The things you probably want to keep in mind when doing a simple look:

- You wanna keep your color wheel to neutrals or blacks and whites. They are the easiest to match with different colors.

- Choose parts that can pair with multiple other parts.

This is a look I came up with to give you an example of something simple.

- Hair: Fionna by AmahTaped
- Eyes: Rogue by Fibery
- Lips: For I am just like you by xXibemeXo
- Eyebrows: Eyebrow by Eudora
- Nose: Nose by coIIette (Anomonomz has a much nicer design of this type with small blush added)
- Ear: Cross Cuff, Cross Cuff xoxo (Both by Finical)
- Shirt: oO Repulsive Oo by Obscured

I chose blonde hair because a lot of accessories I have are of the dark side of the color wheel and stand out nicely with such a light color. I chose the eyes because although they have a pretty heavy makeup, the eye shadow goes along with the neutrality I'm looking for.

The red lips give it that sort of class to the look, but I can still pair the look with tons of other parts I wish to add.

To show you how you can build up this look to make it totally different and look like a breath of fresh air, I added some accessories to it. I was going for the hipster-type look.

- Headband: Creep by ScarfFace (You can find a similar one called Corky by AmahTaped)
- Glasses: lol How do I scale this by Anomonomz
- Scarf: Veiled Draconosis by Falador (I don't know where to find a similar in-stock item)

Thank you to all the designers who made these parts. If you have any requests for which types of looks and themes you wanna see or you have any questions you want me to answer, please y-mail me! I am thinking of doing a Q&A if enough questions come in.


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