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Styles and Looks: Galaxy Avatar

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Hello again Fashion Forward People!! I've been watching a lot of videos about galaxy-related items and I figured why not go with the flow and do an avatar look based on our galaxy! Again, I will list part names and designers.

For the most part of this look, I want to emphasize on using your mind and possibly layering hair and other parts. As for colors, we wanna focus on purples, whites, and blues. Pink is also a great color to use, but be careful not to go overboard because dark mysterious colors are a way to go.

To start, I wanna talk about layering hair. Before chins were a trend, people would add layer upon layer of hairs and it was just a mess sometimes, but I used to do it (oops) just to have a teeny tiny face. Now, I layer two or three hairs to add depth and detail to my looks. I find that hairs with similar styles are easier to layer. One example are these two hairs that I found in stock.

I did the same with two lips because, not only does it add a little detail, it makes the lips look fuller.

I stuck to the colors of our galaxy and created this little cutie using layers I just showed you!

Ears: Small Lobes by Anomonomz
Hair: (Purple) iremakesodon'ttrustme by UoChan (Blue) Only Polar Bears Break The Ice by SalsaDoll
Eyes: F o r g i v e n 'Auxesia by Auxesia
Mouths: (Light Purple) Airborne Unicorn bu Anomonomz, (Dark Purple)
Nose: Nose by Collette
Nose Shadow: Smudge of DIRT2 *PnP by PUNKnPIE
Bridge Piercing: PIERCING equals PLEASURE by PnP by PUNKnPIE
Chin: A nice Chin by Pangea
Bow: Stardust Galaxy by Obscured
Eyebrow: Eyebrow by Eudora
Shirt: yoohoo By TRIASSIC


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