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Hey everyone! I am back with another drawing. I've drawn Roger Daltrey of the Who several times now, but this time I drew a "mod" version of him (basically what he looked like around 1965-66). He had short, straight hair then and typically wore simple jackets, button ups, and sweaters, like in this picture (Roger is on the far left).

Lately, I've been trying out new drawing styles. I am not quite sure how to describe it but one thing I always do is shade in the nose and draw slightly large eyes with blush under the eyes. Here is the drawing:

As you can see it's not very realistic and more like a doodle type of drawing. I think next time I would make the lines neater and using more shading/highlighting but since I'm still new to drawing on the computer I'm still trying to adjust. I actually find that for me drawing on the computer takes way longer than drawing on paper but I'm sure over time I'll be able to draw a little faster.

I also made the drawing into a GIF image. It's not very complicated but I thought it would be cute if I made his hair glitter, since he used to use the popular hair gel called Dippity Do. This is actually my first time drawing a GIF and even though it's simple I think it turned out nicely. The link is tinyurl.com/nicos-gif if you're interested in seeing it, since I don't think I can use GIFs in the Times.

Thanks for reading, and as always please leave feedback in the forums! I always appreciate the constructive criticism!

Author's Note: Sources: Picture of the Who is from tumblr.com


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