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A Night at Tiffany's

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My prom may have been close to a month ago, but I finally got around to writing an article for you all. With the theme of A Black Tie Affair, I decided to go with the classic look for my prom. No gaudy, blinged out dress for this blondie. I was shopping on a budget for my senior prom.

It wasn't until I bought my dress off of Nordstrom Rack for a low price of $125 (retail $330) that I decided to go for that famous opening scene from the movie B"reakfast at Tiffany's". One of my all time favorite movies *begins to sing Moon River*.

Once I got the dress, I searched the internet to find the perfect accessories. I found a relatively cheap accessory costume set from Etsy for $40. It included the necklace, a crown, gloves, clip-on earrings, and a fake cigarette holder. I didn't want to cover up my eyes in the photo below so you could see my eye make-up. I know that Audrey has natural make-up in the movie, but this was a night event, so I decided to go with a black smokey eye.

Anyways, here is the outfit in it's entirety. Remember how I said I was on a budget? Well I ended up spending about $315 for the whole night. That included shoes, hair, nails, dinner, an uber, and even a quick trip to 7/11.

The actual prom was boring in my option, no good snacks and my feet hurt. Who serves popcorn at prom? It did end up being a fun night though thanks to my friends and a great sleepover afterwards. Although, only getting two hours of sleep wasn't fun.



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