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A California Summer: Simple Looks for Less

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Hey guys! Natalie here, and I wanted to show you all some outfits inspired by my own wardrobe and the wardrobe of others in my area. In California, summer weather averages around 95 degrees, and that's on a good day! I like to take advantage of my outfit choices because summer for me is April - October. For each of these looks, I have some basic pieces without too many accessories -- you wouldn?t want to pile on the makeup or feel heavy in the heat. Each piece in these outfits is under $50. If your budget is lower, I?d suggest substituting something more your style, or something you already own.

First off, I have a simple yet fun tie-dye look! This is inspired by my own go-to outfit on a colder (yes, colder) day in the summer. I would simply wear this with a light cardigan when a summer storm has arrived, or if it's a bit windy.

Top: Tie dye shirt - $5-$15 Walmart
Jeans: H&M super low rise jeans - $27 H&M
Shoes: Vans Old Skool Shoes in Black and White - $50 Vans
Hat: Black cap - $20 Vans
Necklace/bracelet: Choker necklace or bracelet - $3 Etsy.com

These next two looks are bit dressier, but still cute!

This outfit is minimalistic, with only few colors. I added the yellow earrings to add just a bit of pizzazz.

Top: Unif Optical Illusion Print Top - $36 Farfetch.com
Skirt: Elastic Waist Pleated Black Shirt - $8.90 Romwe.com
Sandals: Elorie Rory Two Piece Flatform Sandal - $49 gilt.com
Earrings: Ariella Collection Circle Stud Earrings - $8.97 Nordstrom Rack

This fun look is perfect for going on a fun adventure with friends!

Top: Watermelon Glitter Ink Tee - $36 Tandjdesigns.com
Shorts: TOPSHOP Moto Black Joni Shorts - $45 TOPSHOP.com
Sandals: TEELA-13 SANDAL - $27 ZOOSHOO.com
Backpack: H&M Backpack - $39 H&M
Earrings: 316L Surgical Stainless Steel Dark Black Round Huggie Hoop Earring - $6.99 Amazon

This final outfit just screams the beach! I even wore an outfit extremely similar to this one at the beach a few weeks ago. Just put on a bikini underneath and you?re good to go.

Top: H&M Cropped Sleeveless Top - $3.10 H&M
Shorts: Cheap Monday High-Waist Denim Shorts - $50 Thehut.com
Sandals: Womens Flip-Flops - $2.50 Old Navy
Necklace: Spiral Sun and Crystal Pendant Necklace - $32 Overstock.com

See you all next season for more outfits, I mean, couple of months (when it?ll still be summer for me).

Signing off,


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