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A Poem for the Queen of Canada

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Hello everybody! It's me, BanjoMann
I have a poem for you today, here's how it began!

I met a person who was very tall!
They had green hair and glasses, but we had a ball!

They were brown and spotty, and they made me laugh!
It didn't matter to me that she was a giraffe!

The months past, the leaves began to fall.
And one day I discovered the giraffe was not a giraffe after all!

She said to me, "Banjo, do not show a soul!"
When I finally saw her I was like, "HOLY MOLE!"

"A model," I asked, "you are?"
"Because you are the most beautiful girl I have seen, by far!"

Luscious long hair, and blue eyes that glisten,
The perfect face and smile, cannot be forgetten!

But there is much more beauty then what meets the eye,
She is even more precious on the inside!

Her brain is full of knowledge and wealth.
She is always willing to talk about your mental health!

Her heart is large and made of aquamarine,
Of all the bones in her body, not a single is mean!

She is my best friend and sets my heart free!
My life would be incomplete, without she!

Our friendship has been through the best and worst of weather,
But I cherish every moment we have spent together!

I know I have lied before and been a bone head,
But without you I would probably be dead!

So I thank you for the friendship, and all the great time.
I am sure one day, you will be mine!

So with that, my poem is through.
Here is one last line though, so do not blue!

You are the most amazing friend ever, you're always there to help,
I cannot express how much I love you Delp!


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