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Raina's Visit

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Raina wasn't the happiest child when her mom made her play with the new boy across the street. Her chubby four year old legs marched straight up their baby blue porch, a frown slapped on her face and her eyebrows knit closely together in anger. Already in the hot sun she felt gross. Her legs were coated with a thin veil of sweat; every time she took a step she could feel the stickiness of the sweat. Her scalp was being pulled every which way by the two braids her mother had forcefully tugged into her hair. Between that and her tired, grumpy demeanor, a headache was beginning to form. The hairstyle didn't last either - with the hot sun shining so hard upon the child and mother duo, humidity had creeped out and made her hair frizzy. The dark brown fringe that was amateurishly pinned back had also escape their jail cell and now had plastered themselves on to her sticky forehead.

"Ring the doorbell, Raina. The parents are nice. Trust me - I've met them! Oh, and the boy . . ." Raina's mother rambled on and on, but Raina was too angry to listen. The brunette baby-faced child always worked hard to be a good girl, but today she was not having any of it. She was seconds away from screaming; Raina hated meeting new people and she didn't want to be told what to do. The doorbell was stabbed by her finger before she crossed her arms and began to pout as the merry "Ding dong!" rang out from the house.

Stupid boy. Stupid house. Stupid mom!

The mother, upon seeing her upset daughter, stopped rambling and simply shook her head.

"Oh Raina, cheer up! They're nice. Just try and make friends with the boy, okay?" She talked as if it was simple - but to Raina, it wasn't. Raina hated making friends. Despised it. Loathed it. Every other four year old was a fiend. They would put their sticky hands all over her beloved toys and make them smell. They would track mud into her room and stain her pristine carpet. They're messy and rude, thought Raina.

Herself? She tried to be pristine. She didn't let her toys get dirty because they had feelings too - and her best friend, Sir flufferkite, hated going into the washing machine! The young girl didn't need more friends . . . she didn't want anyone to come between her and her beloved teddy bear. The thought of that happening at all made her smirk. It would never happen!

The door began to open and she wiped her sweaty paws onto her mint green dress before reaching her hand up and shyly grabbing her mom's hand. She moodily stared at an ant scurrying on the ground as the adult-y voices conversed. Oh, how much Raina wished to be that ant right now. The ant doesn't have anyone telling it what to do. The ant doesn't have a mean mommy forcing it to do anything! An angry, gray monster hid inside her stomach next to the pink, soaring butterflies. Her mom tried to drag her through the doorway but right before obliging, she stepped on the ant long and hard. Raina even made sure to move her feet left and right, too, smushing it's ant guts all over the clean porch.

Walking through the white doorway, she was sure to let her dissatisfaction be heard.


Author's Note: Just a small and not that great contribution to the times. The title sounds a tad too dramatic for what it is - but to be honest, I'm not quite sure what it is haha.


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