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It's that time of the year again . . . flu season. Whyville is just as susceptible to the nasty viruses as the real world. To help bring attention to this, we are asking that you submit articles about viruses, the flu, and large epidemics (like Ebola) both in Whyville and in the larger world. Write about how these articles affect you and your family, and how you can prevent and treat them. The articles that are most informative, helpful, compassionate, scientific, and/or thought-provoking will receive prizes of Pearls and special trophies!

Here are a few ideas to get your article started:

- What do we know about the flu, measles, Ebola, or other infectious diseases?

- What are epidemics? How do they spread? Describe an important epidemic historically.

- What are some current epidemics happening in the world? How can citizens respond?

- Describe the history of the most recent Ebola infection.

- How does Ebola compare to other viruses, like the common cold, the bubonic plague, the flu, Why-Pox, other Whyville viruses (hint hint)?

- Report on current Whyville epidemics! How do the diseases in Whyville compare with epidemics elsewhere in the world (like Ebola, measles, Swine Flu, others).

- How can people keep from getting sick? Do the same things work for different diseases?

- What can we do to help people who are affected by epidemics?

- What are some of your worries about infectious diseases?

- Why have some countries struggled with Ebola more than others?

- How has an infectious disease (like the flu or Why-Pox) affected you or someone you know?

- Tell stories about the people who have caught Ebola (or a similar virus) and have tried to help others who have. There are some everyday heroes to recognize out there!

Good luck and I am looking forward to reading all of your submissions.


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