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Lover's Reprise

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I remember the first day I met you.
Your hair was flowing, eyes of piercing blue.
You flashed a smile, and I was captivated.
To me, you were the most beautiful thing ever created.
By miracle, you noticed someone as shy as me.
We thought maybe, it was meant to be.
You held my hand, you accepted my flaws.
Wrapped my bleeding heart in gauze.
Your eyes always found mine
Our hearts perpetually entwined.
You gave me your shirt,
I became an extrovert.
I gave you my whole heart,
But that's just one part.
Sunny skies eventually turn gray,
And people never stay.


Our first fight was a mess,
I expected nothing less.
You scream, I cry
When you ask if I'm okay, I lie.
It gets harder to confide in you,
Your love no longer feels true.
During the day, we yell
I feel trapped, in a jail cell.
You see right through me,
The problems, you refuse to see.
You leave late at night,
I hold my pillow tight.
Where do you go?
I'm not sure I want to know.
We barely speak,
But it gets more bleak.


You tell me it's not the same,
And continue to fan the flame.
I hide away in my room,
Feeling my depression bloom.
You yell, and you break things
I try to grow my wings.
You say I'm trapped,
In your web I'm wrapped.
I close my eyes,
And see right through your lies.
I get stronger, but I still cry.
You're killing me, letting me die.
You're cynical when you laugh,
Knowing you're ripping my heart in half.
I stand, and try to run,
But this is just half the fun.


One night, I sneak out
My mind held no doubt.
You'd wake in the morning,
But you had a million warnings.
I had to get away,
Cleanse myself from this dismay.
My life was never supposed to be this way,
But you weren't who you portrayed.
One so kind, was now bitter and evil.
Turned our lives into an upheaval.
The storm thrashes, and we burn
But I hope you learn.
You can't hurt the people you love,
You can't push, and you can't shove.
For one day, they'll leave,
And you'll be left to grieve.


It took years to realize
I was worth more than your lies.
I hated myself,
Put my feelings on a shelf.
I gave it all up for you,
Something I should never do.
But I'm healing, getting stronger every day.
And today was my 21st birthday.
You weren't here to celebrate,
To laugh, yell, or berate.
I don't know who you are anymore,
The man I used to adore.
The emotional and mental abuse,
Left my brain with so many a bruise.
I stood up, brushed off, and found myself again
And no longer do I care where you've been.


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