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1. It is a new year. It is time to stop slicing open your own skin in an attempt to sew others back up. You destroy yourself for the sake of easing other people?s heartaches, but never pay attention to your own wounds. Your fingers are breaking and your skin is cracking, but you don't look in the mirror long enough to notice. Take back the love you used to have for yourself before you vowed to fix everyone else first. Stop stretching and compacting your limbs in order to fit other people's desires. I know you need to see other people happy, but you can't help if you are breaking yourself up in the meantime.

2. Forgive those who tried to break your spirit. They are lost in themselves and are trying to grip on to other forms of life in order to drag themselves out of the pit. Do not hold on to the words that they shouted at you. Allow those cancerous thoughts to be released with the memories of the past. Be okay with the past and stop beating yourself up because of other people.

3. Move on. Forget those you have forgiven and keep walking. They have hurt you before and now that you have nothing left to say to them, leave. Forget the self-deprecation that you tortured yourself with. Forget the excuses that they used. Forget the nights you couldn't do enough. Forget the pain that you were forced to feel. It all takes up so much room in your mind. Free up space so that you can fill your head with new memories. Stop holding on to the things that weigh you down.

4. Do not allow yourself to harden yourself against the world. I know you see so much sadness in the world, but do not close yourself off. Be soft and gentle in the world. Always remember that time that you built walls around yourself. Don't allow yourself to slip back into those habits. Do not bury your feelings because people tell you that you are too sensitive. You are feeling, and that is all that matters. Do not allow yourself to be numb.

5. Stop apologizing after every sentence. Do not regret your existence any longer. Your lips were made to speak beautiful words, not to spit out sorry every time you do. You do not have to justify your actions with wilting explanations. Allow yourself to take up space. Stop shrinking back from the light. Don't try to make yourself smaller than you are.

6. Finally, never stop creating. Don't stop writing poems and doodling on the side of your notes. Do not forget the time you cut yourself off from creating and you lost your meaning. I do not care if what you make is less than desirable, don't stop. Do not destroy yourself like that again. This year, work on building yourself up instead of tearing yourself down.


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