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My Favorite Yarn

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Hello friends! It's been quite a long time since I wrote for The Times. Today I will be showing and telling you about my favorite yarn. So if you want to know about my favorite yarn, keep reading.

#5 Red Heart Super Saver

RHSS is my fifth favorite yarn. It has a wide variety of colors, plain and variegated. It is very durable and lasts forever. This yarn is meant for use. It's best used for child blankets and socks in my opinion; I am not saying this yarn can't be used for other projects. The down side to this yarn is that it isn't very soft, but it gets softer with use and after a wash. Also, on occasion it tends to bleed.

#4 Red Heart Accent Yarn

This yarn is not much different that RHSS, it is very similar in texture but it is almost stiffer. My favorite color of this yarn is "Putty" it is a grayish almost purple.

#3 Peaches & Cream 100% Cotton Yarn

This is the only cotton yarn I have ever used. It's best used for projects that you would submerge in water like washcloths or scrubies. It's very nice and smooth and the color holds very well. My favorite color is this pretty periwinkle blue/purple.

#2 Red Heart With Love I like this yarn for everything basically. It's super soft yet durable. I like it for hats and bags in particular. I may make a blanket with it in the near future. My favorite color is this light gray color and I have purchased many, many balls of this certain color.

#1 Lion Brand Hometown USA

This yarn is my favorite by far. It is soooo soft and chunky. I use it for my best selling scarves. It doesn't bleed, keeps it color, and is made for long use. I highly recommend this. My favorite color is this rusty orange/red color, it is to die for.

I have used many yarns, but these ones are my most used and or favorite yarn.

The following are yarns that I suggest and like that didn't get shown; Carron Simply Soft, Red Heart Boutique, Lion Brand (anything by Lion Brand), and Bernat (anything).

Thank you for reading! Happy Hooking/Knitting :)

~ suggestions are welcome ~


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