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Just a Friend

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You've always been a great friend,
Faithful, never moving from my side.
But there was a message my heart was trying to send,
But my brain's been lying, and now it's fried.
Suddenly, I'm seeing you in a different light.
I cannot run from the truth anymore.
My brain put up a great fight,
All these hidden feelings, washing ashore.

That night, you came over to my place.
We played games with my sister, and ate dinner.
We sat real close, and I felt my heart race.
And it was clear, my heart was the winner.
I was cold and leaned my head on you,
And you slipped your fingers through mine.
I bid all of my sanity adieu,
And gazed upon you as your eyes continued to shine.

You left later that night, and I felt a shiver come over me.
Your warmth had gone, and I longed for you once more.
I wondered, how can this be?
How did I not realize these feelings before?
Surely this is not something that happened overnight,
But all this time, you were what I needed.
You've always set my heart alight,
But it's flames were always unheeded.

When you got home, you sent me a message.
You told me that maybe, you had feelings too.
A rocky path is what I presage,
But what am I to do?
You told me I was cute tonight,
And that you see serious potential for us.
You said if we kissed, it would've been alright.
But it was something we didn't discuss.

I felt giddy, for a split second at most.
I knew there had to be a catch, and there was.
I was so very close,
But, the connection took an abrupt pause.
You recently started talking to an old ex-girlfriend,
And your interest in her has since renewed.
My heart at that moment felt its descend,
The idea of us, a seemingly tragic conclude.

I don't want to have to compete,
But my heart was yours if you wanted it.
I was ready to give in, to retreat...
But you can't wait for her, you admit.
Who knows what will happen for us now,
Even more complicated, because we work together.
Maybe he and I can get through it somehow,
But until then, it stays a friendly, cold weather.


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