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Super Mario Sunshine Game Review

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In this game, you play as Mario and you go on vacation to Isle Delfino but when you arrive, the place is covered in goop. Then you see a water device and you go and pick it up. Then the device tells you it's FLUDD. Then after all that you clean up the goop in the area and you get a Shine Sprite. Mario goes to court because he was accused of making the mess and yes there IS voice acting in this game. After the court stuff Mario is thrown into jail and the next day, Mario has to clean up the mess. It's fun though.

I asked one person for a quick interview of this game, here's what they said:

Indiana18: What do you think of Super Mario Sunshine?
qpqp: It's not bad, but not even in the same category as some other Mario games like Super Mario 64.
Indiana18: Do you think people should play this game?
qpqp: It is definitely a unique game for the Mario franchise. It still has the similar feel to it that we all love, but it brings a new experience to its players. I think any Mario fan should have this game in their collection.

I like this game because:

1. It's fun and enjoyable.
2. I like that you can hover in the air with FLUDD and use FLUDD.
3. It's a little hard, some parts of the game are REALLY hard, but I can't say what because then I would spoil it

I dislike this game because:

1. It can be hard sometimes, but I eventually beat those parts.

No other dislikes

Graphics: 9
Music: 9
Story: 10
Controls: 10
Gameplay: 10

My own opinion: This game is fun and addicting, and it's a little more fun if you play this game in the summer but you don't have to.

Conclusion: This game is worth buying and on eBay, you can pick up this game for about 30-50 dollars in Very Good condition but don't buy it brand new because it'll be VERY expensive.

P.S: I could only take a picture of the start screen because I don't have a capture card.


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