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Hello, it's Ducky
I was wondering if after all these pixels you'd like to see
All my designs, in the IDs
They say this time there will be new arrivals
But I ain't done much looking

Hello, can you friend find me?
I'm in the Face Factory dreaming about what we used to wear
When we were younger, and grungy
Thank God 2004 ended and so we can miss looking punky

There's such a difference with these new rules
Millions of rejected long shirts

Hello from Akbar's Face Mall
I must have tried to buy them all
To be swift at adding cute designs to my cart
But when they're sold out it really breaks my heart

Hello from Bankinter
I keep spending so I'll lock my clams here
To stop being broke if I max out my CDs for 6 weeks
But it don't matter, because on BBS no one sells to me . . . (anymore)

Hello, how's your satchel?
It's so typical of me to talk about my new parts, I'm sorry
I hope your collections are well
Did you ever get that hair from the girl who never logs on?

It's no secret that we have both
Ripped each other off

So hello from the front page
I haven't logged in for days
It's so frustrating because of everything that I've missed
Like clam rewards and gossip from all the woods kids
Hello from City Hall
At least I can creep on you all
To read my friends City Records pages
But you're taped and have had swooping cough for ages

Hello from the Face Factory
I must have drawn a thousand things
To make parts resembling the latest trends
By the time they're accepted, that style ends
Hello from rejection mails
At least I can say that I failed
To get another long shirt through the door
But it don't matter now that my CDs are mature (mature) Author's Note: This is a fun spoof of Adele's "Hello" pertaining to life in Whyville.


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