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2015 Times Awards Nominees

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Hi everyone,

First off, let me say what another amazing year we had for the Times. 2015 was full of a lot of changes, and we continued to grow and learn. I am proud of each and every one of our writers. Your creativity, dedication and passion are an inspiration. So with that said, here are the nominees for this year's Times Awards! Please make sure to read each article before voting.

Article of the Year

Mars for Life Literally - Bibi4evr
The Face of Our Race - MadamTaz
The Times Cannot Die - BabyPowdr
How Writing Saved Me - Theallywa
Body Image - DahCutie
Bipolar -dxdxdxdx
Virtual Introvert - SalsaDoll
Tips on Happiness - XkaylaX5
5 Things I Wish I was Told as a Kid - Poppinx3

Science Chicago Award

Animal Showdown: Alligators vs Crocodiles - Jelloroks
Titanic - BabyPowdr
Tornadoes and Tornado Safety - Delp
Ebola - fibery

Interview of the Year

Music Interview - iBeMary1
Body Image - DahCutie
Music Tastes - iBeMary1
Tips on Happiness - XkaylaX5

Review of the Year

Movie Review: Love & Mercy - nico511
Who is Animal Collective? - Anomonomz
Book Review: Cinder - MeBeLizzi
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review - Jelloroks
App Review: Crossy Roads - candy5111

Help Article of the Year

Cocoon Curls - MadamTaz
Coping Strategies - Elision
The SATs: What to Expect and How to Prepare - XLuvNYouX
Improve Your Design Skills - fibery

The Poetry Prize

The Corpse Across the Dinner Table - Kittieme
Silent Wonderings - MeBeLizzi
They Never Told the Truth - Theallywa
Dedicated to My Girls - girly665
I'll Be Better - Jillith
Jigsaw - TearsOJoy
Imperfections - xoxstarla
How Could She Have Known - noseyme
Life Had Other Plans - labellade
To This Kid's Best Friend - xxDiyaxx

Art Achievement

The Eye Level of Nature - 7stars
Ocean Sunrise - fibery
Piercing Mysteriously - nicenfun
Creatures of Peace - Salsadoll
Spring - dnomla
The Art of Cosplaying - kittypet
Drawing Your Avatar - CantYouC
Bob Dylan Portraits - nico511
I Really Like You - ocean10kv
Oodles of Doodles - Anomonomz

Fashion Article of the Year

Birchbox vs Ipsy - Jelloroks
Steal That Look: Bob Dylan - nico511
Survivable School Style - xXibemeXo
How to Fill in Your Brow - Mangorox
How to Style Sweaters - Thellywa

Congratulations all of our nominees. Look for voting to begin on the Front Page soon. The Awards Ceremony will be a little different of a format this year. We will announce the winners, but instead of having them come down for speeches, we'll use that time to brainstorm ideas for articles in that category (an awards show/Writing Hour combination). Stay tuned for the date in April or May.


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