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A Dragon Swooping Cough Comeback?

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A friendly greeting from your three Whyologists. Lots of citizens have seen us around with our purple "Why?" Hats. Well, after our studies of the Dragon Swooping Cough in Whyville a few months ago, we have some concerns to share. We were all caught unprepared when Dragon Swooping Cough hit Whyville this past December. It lasted through January and it affected a lot of people. Many who were infected even lost their salaries for a few days, not to mention being covered with scales and all the rawr-ing!

A few of us wanted to get it, some didn't care, but most of us wanted to avoid getting the disease. Eventually we had tests, masks, scale blocks, and biohazard umbrellas available at the City Hall. Word got around and people started to wash hands frequently to protect themselves. But by the time we got these preventions in place and knew what to do, Dragon Swooping Cough was already spreading fast.

Some citizens we spoke with suggested that Whyvillians join together to try to prevent this virus in the future. After all, some viruses come back again and again. Different strains of the flu virus come back every season. Whypox plagued Whyville many times. Even Ebola seemed to hit a second round of people in West Africa recently. Scary. We know a bit more now about Dragon Swooping Cough and we are better prepared than before. But we don't fully understand this disease and there is still no vaccine.

So what do you think? Should we raise money for research? Raise funds to make a vaccine? Give masks and scale block away, especially for newbies who might not have enough clams to buy them? What can we do to make sure we are prepared to protect ourselves and to control the spread of Dragon Swooping Cough if it comes back again?

Fellow citizens, let's persuade the City Workers to use our donations for researching this virus and making a vaccine. Let's work now to prevent infection in the future!


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