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MySims: Skyheroes Review

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Those of you familiar with The Sims are probably familiar with MySims. MySims is a version of The Sims for kids. Six games were released, MySims, MySims Kingdom, MySims Party, MySims Racing, MySims Agents, and MySims Skyheroes. I'll be talking about MySims Skyheroes today.

The story starts with some evil guy named Morcubus yelling at his employees at "MorcuCorp" for failing at a battle against rebellion "SkyForce." It is then shown that you fall from your plane and land on a SkyForce Base. The members take you in, but it turns out you have amnesia. The leader, Justice, tells you how MorcuCorp took over the skies and how no one can fly how they want to anymore.

Now, let's get into the game!

Just picture how it looks, I don't have a capture card.

One thing you do is shoot down enemies and protect your allies and communicate with your base and others on the field with a radio. You can shoot them down with bullets, but your machine gun will heat up and will allow you not to use it til' it cools down. You can also use missiles, which are more powerful and lock on your enemy, but you only get two before they reload. You also have a radar to track enemies. Also, you can get powerups that let you take the advantage, like screw up their radar or send many missiles their way. If you don't get in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, you fail, no matter what your allies do! This is very annoying and hard (not in a fun way!).

The only other thing you do in story mode is race. And there is nothing else to say about that.

Eventually, you discover that you once were a MorcuCorp employee. Which is SEVERELY predictable! I mean, you say "that sounds familiar" every time they explain something about MorcuCorp! Anyway, you stay with SkyForce and you take on the final boss, Morcubus! Other than excessive radio communication and more allies and enemies, this is the same thing as before. Then it is found out that this whole thing is over "Morcubus Day." He needed to clear the skies to allow parades and stuff. REALLY?

The only thing I had fun with was the plane customizer, where you make a plane, and even name it! I found that fun, but did you know that your character doesn't go past their hip? Well, it's true.

This must have ruined the series, no other games were released after that.

I give this game a 0.5 out of 5 stars, It's terrible! Both the Wii and DS editions suck! This is one of the worst games of all time!

Well, see you next review!


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