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How to Send a Letter

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A letter sent by post may take a while,
But it's much more likely to raise a smile.
A handwritten letter can touch the heart
even if you live close or are miles apart.
first choose who to write to,
a penpal, celebrity, or friend will do
or maybe someone in timbuktu!
Next choose what to write about
you can tell a story or share unrequited love
or just babble on about whatever you think of
step three, time to decorate
markers, yarn, stickers, glitter or washi tape
fun envelopes that come in any size or shape
step four - write the address
handwritten or cursive, as long as its legible
If the postman can read it then its acceptable
The stamp goes in the upper right corner
you'll need more postage the further you send
weight also determines how much you'll spend.
Before sealing close you may add something extra
a quote, photo, poem or even a mixed cd
you may include glitter if sending to an enemy!
You can then seal it up by licking it shut
or get creative with wax, yarn, tape or glue
as long as it stays closed then it will do
now you can take it to the nearest mailbox
open it up and drop it inside
and then feel a sense of pride
you took the time to send a letter,
and in turn made someone's day better!


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