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Remembering Ozzy111

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I'm sure many of you knew and loved her, and I'm sure by now you have all heard the devastating news. Ozzy111's real name was Brittanney and I am here today to share a few memories I had with her and to talk about just how amazing of a person she was. Feel free to add your memories on BBS!

Brittaney was my first friend on Whyville. She messaged me saying my avi was cute and that's where our friendship began. We would always go into chat and play dumb games and talk about the most random things. She was so friendly to everyone she met and would automatically become friends with new people so that they weren't alone.

We always talked about design ideas and we would often bounce ideas back and forth and compliment each other's designs. I would always go to her when I needed design help. She would help anyone with any problem. Even if you weren't friends or didn't get along, she would always push it to the side if you needed help.

I remember talking about new makeup coming out every day and how excited she was to get new products and how mad she was when they sold out, which was always so funny. After I lost my job she even offered to buy me a new lip color to cheer me up (although I would never let her), but she always persisted until I changed the subject, haha.

She was such a kind and caring person, I know there are many lives she touched and we will always miss her. Even though we fought a few times and didn't agree on everything she was always there for me and I am proud to say that I had the pleasure of being her friend. Love you Britt see you in heaven.


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