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Painting with Emotions

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Art is the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. I like to express my passions and feelings through my art. I like to paint about current events. I like to paint myself. Just because my aesthetic isn't perfectly realistic, doesn't mean it isn't art. I am expressing myself through a medium. I would like people to learn before criticizing other's creativity.

I've decided to include two of my paintings. They are both done with acrylic paints and on multimedia paper. The first one is an art project done earlier this year. First we had to go around the school and trace things and then we had to paint it. This was hard for me because even after I thought i finished, my art teacher told me to keep going. I like the way it turned out because it reminds me of my anxiety and depression and all of the other chaos that goes on in my mind

The second painting is a project I did for my humanities class in December. We had to do a a create piece about power, so I decided to paint a piece about the evolution of power for women. The woman on the right represents the woman of the past and the woman on the left represents a woman of the present and future. It's a long explanation, so I will let you interpret it as you want.

I really like my style of painting, and I like how with painting, I can see the world in a whole different perspective!


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