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Things to do When You're Home Alone

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Some people love being home alone, and others hate it. I personally enjoy being home alone, but I also find myself just sitting. If you like or hate being home alone, here's some active things you could do!

1. Workout! (Simple workout provided.)

Working out is very good for you, as long as you don't overwork themselves. If you live in a house with more than just yourself, you might not want to workout because you don't want anyone watching you or hearing you. Or you could not have time when there are other people around, because they will be talking to you, asking you to get them something, trying to hang out with you, etc, etc. When you're home alone, those things aren't a problem! So get on your running shoes and shorts, and start working out!

- 25 jumping jacks
- 5 push ups
- 10 squats
- 30 sec high knees

2. Sing! (Fun songs to sing to listed.)

Most of us do not have amazing voices, however when our music is loud enough, it sure sounds like we do! I enjoy stretching my vocal chords to be loud and proud to my favorite songs while I'm home alone.

- Lost Boy by Ruth B
- Stone Cold by Demi Lovato
- Flashlight by Jessie J
- Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes (I believe that is the song's title!)
and so many more!! But those are easy songs to sing to, and even if you aren't good at singing, you can most likely make your voice sound great with these songs!

3. Dance!

You might not be a dancer, or even into dancing, but if you put on your favorite radio station and bust a move! make up your own dance moves, don't make it look good; make it fun! Putting a smile on your face or having a healthy snack while you dance definitely adds to the experience.

That's it from me guys! See you soon!
- Bri


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