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Simple Ways to be Healthier

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I'm back, for the third time this year, and hopefully many more to come. But that's besides the point. This week, I wanted to give you an article on Simple Ways to be More Healthy. I decided to do this topic because I've seen them all around the Internet or learned them in class recently, and because many of us (including me) are trying to be more healthy, especially because summer is just around the corner. So, here are some way to be more healthy!


I know, standing. It's not very hard to do, unless you don't have legs or are super tired. But get this - standing burns more calories and speeds your metabolism, and is better for your posture. I'm not telling you to stand 24/7, or to just stand, but if you could sit for a while instead of standing, it'll be beneficial for your health in the long run. So give it a try, and stand up!

Thinking other things to plan

No, I'm not saying just to think, but I am saying to plan before you go to bed. For example, plan your breakfast in the morning, over and over before you sleep that night. It will make you look forward to it in the morning, and will make you want to complete what you thought of because it's almost like a goal.

- Outfit
- Workout
- Will I go shopping?
- Will I shower?
- Will I go for a run?

Pretend to Film a Video

For myself, and others that really enjoy YouTube, this should work well for you. When making a healthy snack or exercising, pretend to be describing it to viewers. For example, you could pretend to describe your workout just like Casey from Blogilates. This makes it so much more fun, at least for me. It also makes you you think if you are doing something properly, like using the right measurements or having the right form.

Hangout with Friends

By "hangout with friends," I mean go outside, not sit on their couch, checking your social media. Walk or bike to a local park or your favorite store. Collect wood for a late night bonfire, go swimming (if it's warm enough where you live).

Those are some simple ways to be more healthy, and there are many more. Maybe check out Pinterest for some ideas. Pinterest is also good for fitness motivation.

See you soon!
- Bri


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