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Applying Lessons from Dragon Swooping Cough to Real Life

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Does the DSC really compare to a real world epidemic? In my opinion the Dragon Swooping Cough isn't as serious as a real world epidemic, but it does teach us how to prepare ourselves when one happens.

The first way we can apply the Dragon Swooping Cough to our real lives is to try the some of the variety of prevention methods available! For example, with the Dragon Swooping Cough, we have masks, the wash command, scale block, and even the biohazard umbrellas. In real life we don't have magical umbrellas so protect us, however we have vaccinations and other prevention methods like washing hands and antibacterial gel that can protect us as well. The Dragon Swooping Cough teaches us that one of the best ways to prevent a disease is to take action simply by washing our hands or getting vaccinated!

Another thing we can learn from the Dragon Swooping Cough is that even if you are vaccinated, you can still get the illness. With my experience with the Dragon Swooping Cough and the Flu is that I took the vaccine for both, but I still got the disease/virus! The Dragon Swooping Cough can teach that to people as well.

The Dragon Swooping Cough has taught me a lot about how to protect myself from disease. As a teenager, I usually neglect the prevention methods that can save me from disease, so the Dragon Swooping Cough is a great reminder. The Dragon Swooping Cough outbreak teaches us how to apply our virtual life to our real life!

For more information about diseases and how to prevent yourself from disease please go to: http://www.cdc.gov/


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