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Dragon Swooping Cough Wave 2

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So recently, the second wave of the Dragon Swooping Cough hit Whyville. So what is the Dragon Swooping Cough? Well, it is an epidemic that has hit Whyville twice (so far). When you get it for the first time, you get grey scales, lose salary, and occasional fly and roar, infecting others. If you get it for the second time, you get red scales, lose salary, and spit fire.

Most people don't want the Dragon Swooping Cough, as shown by the number of people who donated for a vaccine. Others actually want to get it, and others don't care. Getting the Dragon Swooping Cough does not have any long-term affects, but it still is a bit annoying, especially because many people will steer clear of you.

I think the Dragon Swooping Cough is similar to Ebola, a flesh-eating virus that originated in Guinea. Like Ebola, the Dragon Swooping Cough "eats your flesh" by giving you scales. Ebola and the Dragon Swooping Cough are spread in similar ways too. Ebola is spread via contact of the blood or body fluids of an infected person. The contact can be direct, or it can also be spread indirectly if someone uses a blanket contaminated by the fluids of an infected person. The Dragon Swooping Cough can be caught by having the scales of an infected person fall on you, which is similar to a body fluid.

However, there is a big difference between Ebola and the Dragon Swooping Cough. If someone gets Ebola once, they are very, very unlikely to get it again. However, if you have gotten the Dragon Swooping Cough once, if you get it again it is worse. Something that makes Ebola very deadly is that, at first, the victim shows no symptoms. By the time symptoms appear, it can already be too late. However, Ebola cannot be spread until symptoms appear. I do not know if the Dragon Swooping Cough is like this.

With the second wave of the Dragon Swooping Cough, we have a few new ways to protect ourselves. The most effective way to protect the community is with the vaccine. The vaccine costs you 50 clams and lasts forever, but it is not 100% perfect. After I took the vaccine, I thought I caught the Swooping Cough because a small scale appeared on the bottom left of my avatar, but then I realized it was the side affect of the vaccine. Although scale block and masks already existed when the first wave hit Whyville, now you can actually throw the scale block and the masks. By throwing the defense items, you can protect your friends the same way you protect yourself. When thrown, the scale block and masks cannot be dodged. The thrown items will follow whom you selected until they get hit. You throw the items by whispering "scale block" or "mask" to the recipient. (You can only do this if you already have scale block or mask).

I hope this article helped you! If you have any questions, feel free to Y-Mail me. Have a nice day!


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