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I say "I love you"
as you hang up
the last word lingering behind
the beeping of a phone's goodbye
and I can't help but ask
if the tears in my eyes
are my fault.
This entire time
I have seen nothing
but flashes of car crashes
and hospital rooms,
I was too soon to assume
that an emergency meant injury
and not just a detour on your route home.
I overthink the tired words
that never seem to make it to curses
but still sting as much,
making me try to reassure you
that everything will be okay
over the hushed background noises.
I find myself looking in the mirror
at 3 am wondering if you're dreaming
or in the corner of your bed
thinking about the words we said
before you pressed end call,
as if stopping my voice
would stop me from reminding you
that you are loved,
you can't stop me.
After I heard the silence of goodbye
I texted you the same words
too quickly cut off,
and you replied with one word,
but I know thats how you thank me.
I think about those flashes of disasters
I almost panicked over
I know you are alright,
the detour on the road home might have been an emergency,
but it only means that you need me,
I assure you I am here
and I won't stop telling you that
you are loved.


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