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Rolling in the Clams

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The most sure-fire way to get rich on Whyville is to design. I know because I have been designing for over 10 years and have made millions and millions doing so. This article has been a long time coming. If you are ready to learn how to roll in thousands of clams every day, please keep reading.

Let me start by saying that the quality of your designs will determine how well they sell and, ultimately, how many clams you will make. Poorly drawn designs do not sell. Do yourself a favor, set aside a couple hours to do one GOOD design and watch your bank account grow! Step One: Preparation

Raise your salary as high as you can. Your salary is the maximum you can charge for your designs so don't skip this step! After having a good salary, save up about 500 clams so that you can pay for the design fee and create at least 4 parts to start out. Find or buy a Face Factory Voucher and you're good to go!

Step Two: Inspiration

It's good to have a clear idea of what you would like to design before you start to draw it. Find what people like, pay attention to trends, think, 'Would I want to wear this?' It also helps to search around Akbar's Face Mall and find things you like that you would like to improve upon. Once you have a clear idea of what you would like to design, go ahead and start drawing in the Face Factory!

Step Three: Drawing

There is no right or wrong way to do your drawing. I can give you tips on what has helped me and hopefully, that will help you too. If you want to actually make clams selling your design, QUALITY IS KEY! Be patient, take your time and make it look good. If you would be proud to wear it around, you're on the right track.

Wear your favorite face part. If you are going to make a hair, wear your favorite hair on your avatar. If you are going to make some eyes, wear your favorite eyes on your avatar, etc.

Compare the shape of your drawing to your favorite face part (by pressing the preview button). This is especially helpful for the shape and distance between eyes.

If you are drawing eyes, make them perfectly symmetrical. I'm talking pixels. If you are not ready to draw pixel-by-pixel, you are not ready to draw some good eyes. Putting time and quality into your work will really make a difference in how many parts you will sell.

Clean up all of the edges. Please don't just draw a line and leave it alone. Clean up the edges of the line (or the shape) and make it look nice and neat.

Save your design often. Good quality designs take time. If you do not have a couple hours at a time, save your design and finish it later. Trust me, it's worth it!

When you are finished with your design, save it and go to "scale 2 only". Clean up the design and make it look good again and then save it. Then go to "scale 3 only". Clean up the design, save it and then go to "scale 4 only". This is the smallest scale so take your time zooming in and out to see if your "fixed up" face part will still look good when it's very small.

When everything looks good, hit that "done" button! Don't forget to leave a nice little note for Akbar!

That's it! Those are all of my tips! Here are some of my favorite designs. All of them were made with lots of time and care! They were all touched up in all of the scales so they look good in every chat room. I hope this article has inspired you!


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