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Music is a part of everyone's life and it's important we have it, so we can express ourselves. Whether it's pop music, rock, or any other genre music is very inspirational in one's life. It also helps people in many unthinkable ways.

Since the release of WhyTunes back in 2009 many creative Whyvillans and City Workers have created amazing tracks that suits everyone's taste. The WhyTunes studio is a free and open music program to anyone on Whyville, so it isn't difficult for anyone to come in and create something amazing. Now I'm sure many of the citizens have heard hundreds of songs when that one user randomly comes into the chatroom and plays music out of nowhere scaring the living daylights out someone. There's this one Whyville veteran that comes to mind when I think about WhyTunes. Can you guess who it is? If you thought about Banjo, then you're correct.

I took some time to message Banjo because I wanted to know more about this amazing artist that was quickly rising in fame. Everyone in the beach kept listening to his music. I was so amazed how t"e music united everyone. I first heard his number one rated song "mind numbing repetitiveness MIND NUMBING? on WhyTunes and I immediately fell in love with this song once I heard it. His music wasn't your typical WhyTunes you often hear from other artists. Banjo's music was so interesting and unique from everyone else. He knows how to combine the right melodies and beats to make something, so rare and interesting.

Here's my interview I conducted with Banjo. I asked him some questions about his career and music. Along with some thoughts about his rising fame. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

Freakzo: How did you get started in your WhyMusical career?
Banjo: Well, ya know it all started one slow evening on Whyville, the kind of slow evening that unfortunately happens more than I would prefer here on Whyville, but anyway, everyone had seemed to left, I was tired of listening to the banter of the few remaining people. So I was thinking of something to do, and then I remembered that Whyville has its own WhyTunes Studio! Now, I had dabbled a bit in WhyTunes when they first introduced the feature years ago, but not since then. So, I would say that what got me started in my WhyTunes career was just . . . boredom!

Freakzo: When you're in the studio how do you come up with the right tune that fits your style?
Banjo: Well, ya know, one thing that I really pride myself on, is not having a style. Too many times in music we've seen where a band pigeonholes them self into one style, one genre, and when, for better or for worse, when they inevitably do change their style slightly, the backlash from fans is just appalling. Hopefully my fans like all of my music, and not ones of specific styles. Ya know?

Freakzo: What emotions do you feel as you make your music?
Banjo: Well, ya know when I'm in the studio, it's really just therapeutic, and really I'm just happy to be there. I know some artists, they really just pour their soul and emotions in to their music. But ehh, I'm not really like that. Whether that's a good or bad thing, I don't know, I just try to make good music. Sometimes sad music, sometimes happy music, sometimes heartbroken lovesick music, but uh yeah, I don't really feel like that when I?m making it man. Ya know.

Freakzo: Is there anything that inspires you when making music?
Banjo: Well, ya know, the fans. The fans are what inspires me. Fans that I'm extremely grateful to have. Many bands ya know, they talk about how they just make music for themselves and if the fans like it, well that's fine. But I'm not really like that man, I'm always thinking of the fans when I write. Now with that said, I'm not trying to ponder to them and just write songs that they like, but I do like to write songs that they wouldn't normally listen to, and make them think. Ya know.

Freakzo: How do you come up with the titles for your song? What comes to mind?
Banjo: Well, ya know, a lot of things. This most recent album a lot of it was about politics and just all the horrible things that are going on in the world right now. Other times, I just try to make funny jokes or just dumb stuff. Nothing in particular really. Ya know.

Freakzo: How does it feel to hit 5 consecutive singles number ones on WhyTunes?
Banjo: Well, it feels great man. But the charts and the ratings, they don't really mean much to me. I appreciate everyone for rating them 5 stars and getting them to number 1, but as long as the fans like them, well that's better than any number 1 to me, ya know.

Freakzo: Does it ever get stressful for you having to deal with all of your whyfans?
Banjo: Absolutely. Ya know, I've always been more of a reserved quiet guy, so dealing with fans, I'm not the best at it. I try to be nice and thank them and all, but as for the small talk and carrying on a conversation, I'm not much for it. So if you've ever came up to me and told you were a fan, ughh sorry if I sounded rude or anything, I appreciate you. Ya know.

Freakzo: Are you going to have a tour soon?
Banjo: Yea, a short tour is coming probably next week to support this latest album. We're gonna have a few dates at North Beach, Waterfall, Club scion, and of course South Beach. But then it's back in the studio for me where I begin working on my latest album. I don't have much information on it yet, but i can tell you it's going to be a bit more experimental, a bit more conceptual, and just a bit different all around ya know?

Freakzo: What advice would you give an inspiring artist?
Banjo: Don't worry about any trends or what's popular at the moment. If you think you're going to get famous by emulating your favorite flavor of the month pop star, well you're probably wrong man. Just make what's in your heart ya know. Be yourself. If people don't like it, well at least you're having fun. That's the best piece of advice I can give anyone, in music or in life, have fun man.

Freakzo: What an amazing interview. You're such an intellectual thinker. I didn't realize how creative and dedicated you're towards your music. I wish you the best in your Whycareer. You're going are amazing!
Banjo: Thanks a lot for interviewing me Freakzo, I'm glad you like what you hear, and remember everyone, it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll.

I was very interested to see what the citizens thought about Banjo?s music, so I asked people around what they thought about it.

Freakzo: What do you think about Banjo's music?

Estropear: I think it's on fleek.
JilforuXD: I think it's pretty lid.
2fetch4uu: His music has given me a way to express myself and also appreciate music more. Playing his music allowed me to travel to my creative inner self and explore the many things I've never seen. For the first time ever I knew who I was, I knew what the purpose of life, and I knew myself better. I think I can speak for everyone about this, but his music has created an outlet for everyone. I hope he continues making music for a long time.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this interview. I appreciate your responses. I also want to give a big hug and thank you to Banjo for answering these questions. I know you had to find time out of your busy schedule to answer the questions, but you did it. Thank you so much! Have a great day everyone.


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