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An interesting yet groundbreaking presidential election is taking place in the United States within the next few months. The nominees this year (looking strictly at a two-party system) consists of the Republican Donald Trump and the Democrat Hillary Clinton. Politics inside and outside of the U.S. can have a lasting impact on the world we live in. Today, I thought it would be interesting to see how our fellow Whyvillians would take the topics of young voters and getting informed.

DahCutie: Do you think it's important that young voters participate in the upcoming election?

Dianarawr: Yes, I think it's SUPER important because their futures are more valuable, and they have longer lives ahead of them.
thezebra: I think it's extremely important. While they might not care now, they might in four years time when they are trying to pay off student loans, find a job out of college or begin paying all their bills. Their thoughts and their votes are really helpful and insightful to see what they want in their future.
Trylle: Yes, I think it is important that young voters participate in the upcoming election because they are the generation that will be leading us into the future; therefore, they deserve the right.
peachadee: Absolutely! Everyone, no matter what their age, should get educated about the candidates and make a wise choice. The person who wins the election will be making critical decisions about our future!
Finaa: I most certainly believe that it is important, if not crucial, that young voters participate in upcoming election(s). Simply because it is our right as American citizens. It's what we have fought for for the last 200 years among African Americans, women, LGBTQ's, etc. If we don't participate we're giving up everything we and those before us, fought so hard to achieve.

DahCutie: What are some key things to consider before casting your vote in the presidential election?

Dianarawr: The history of whoever you are voting for. Another key thing is to participate in smaller elections because they can really affect the final outcome. YOUR VOTE COUNTS. Even though our choices are both bad, you CANNOT sit this election out.
thezebra: Overall, making sure the candidate is someone you respect. While this election has been really messy, it's important to remember to vote even if you don't like the two candidates.
Trylle: I am going to be honest when I say this I am not actually voting this year because I don't really care for any of the candidates but things I would suggest to consider is how you morally consider yourself and how that could relate towards the person you intend on voting for. Also, make sure that these candidates aren't just about the money and instead for the people and how to benefit America better.
peachadee: First, it's a good idea to reflect on what your values really are. I would suggest looking up the values of Democrats and Republicans (since they are the two major parties) and see which category your beliefs and morals mostly match up with. Then, research the running candidates. Look at their records, see what they are fighting for, watch some of their speeches and see if you can relate to them.
Finaa: Ultimately, do you believe, beyond a reasonable doubt, that your candidate is a good and worthy person for the job? Do you more so agree than disagree with many of their political views/ideals. Do you trust that this person can and will fulfill their promises to the American people. Do you believe this person will do everything they can to protect you, your rights, as well as protect those around you. Also, is this person a progressive thinker and doer. We are transitioning into a new era. We need someone who realizes that archaic ideas will only retreat us back to the dark ages of woman and men not being equal in all things.

DahCutie: Do you think it is important to vote in all elections, not just the presidential election?

Dianarawr: Yes. Bernie Sanders is a perfect example of why it is important. Bernie had a VERY low chance of becoming president because people did not vote for him in the smaller things.
thezebra: Yes, whenever there is a vote taking place I think people should participate. I have friends that complain about certain things changing and I always ask, "Well did you vote?" And if they say no, it's frustrating. If you want things a certain way then vote for it because every vote counts no matter how little you think it does.
Trylle: I also must be honest in regards to this question that I don't really vote in elections period so my answer may appear personally biased. However, I believe that it depends on the individual and their perspective as well as dedication towards the election that they wish to participate in.
peachadee: It is absolutely important! The local elections are actually what impact our communities the most. Police, fire fighters, parks, schools, the local court system . . . all of these things we need and use everyday are influenced by who is elected in the local elections. It's very important to choose someone who will reflect your values.
Finaa: I guess it depends on what you believe in and how deep you want to place yourself in the whirlwind that is American politics. I for one don't vote in new judges or other state officials every 1-3 years. and sometimes I just forget. I usually pay more attention to who is running for congress or the senate in my state, my city's mayor, the president, etc. However, I personally should be much better and more diligent in all things political. I think it's important to be informed.

DahCutie: How do you think the United States would shift if the Republican Party wins after eight years of a Democrat in the White House?

Dianarawr: Most of the congress is Republican I believe, so I don't think it would shift much. That's why Obama wasn't able to do much. because his laws have to go through the congress.
thezebra: It would be interesting to see a shift, I'm sure it would have a heavy impact in the states if that were to happen. I think many would be fearful of it being too much of a shift in the wrong direction.
Trylle: Personally, I think that the United States will come to an intense point of turmoil if there was a shift and the Republican Party would win after eight years with a Democrat in the White House.
peachadee: I think the government would be smarter about how money is spent. We would have stricter laws for people who come to our country illegally. We have a chance to repeal Obamacare. I would hope that, since Republican's values are to fight for the rights of the unborn, that we could de-fund Planned Parenthood.
Finaa: I think the U.S would be in great danger. Not because a Republican is in office necessarily, but because Donald Trump is a bigoted lunatic who needs a serious lesson in morals and ethics. Especially towards women and ethnic groups. He is corrupt and is only seeking the Presidency for political power and money.

DahCutie: What ways have you taken steps to stay informed?

Dianarawr: The social media I am on usually informs me of these things. And if I am confused, I google.
thezebra: I've spent my time researching and seeing who is the most dedicated. I keep up with the news as much as I can and I have discussions with millennials that have bright ideas.
Trylle: The ways that I have taken steps to be informed about the Presidential Election would most definitely be through the news and social media outlets.
peachadee: I have been watching speeches and debates. I have also been reading the newspaper and checking who is leading the polls.
Finaa: I usually watch GMA each morning for at least an hour. I try to read big news stories on CNN.com and I watch the evening news daily. I also will use Google often to research things that I don't understand entirely. This helps me to stay informed because then when explaining my political views, I don't sound like an uninformed dummy.

DahCutie: Which key issues take precedent in your mind?

Dianarawr: The UK leaving the EU didn't really affect people's opinions. I think that them leaving the EU was a perfect example of how things you don't expect to happen actually do.
thezebra: Women's rights, a solution to police brutality, education costs lowered, equality for LGBT, affordable health care, gun control and lowering unemployment.
peachadee: My number one issue is abortion. Everyday, over 3000 innocent babies are slain in the name of "Choice". I hope that with a Republican in the White House, we can overturn this silent holocaust.
Finaa: Women's rights, birth control controversy, gun control/gun violence, economy and taxes, healthcare, military, and education.

Finally, I asked the Whyvillians whether or not they would be voting in this upcoming election. It was fascinating to hear the answers after they discussed their opinions.

DahCutie: Will you be voting in the upcoming election?

Dianarawr: I'm not old enough, but if I was, yes.
thezebra: Since I recently got my USA citizenship, I will be voting!
Trylle: No I do not intend on voting in this upcoming election.
peachadee: I most definitely will be voting in this upcoming election!
Finaa: Yes

Hearing differing opinions on politics allows voters to stay unbiased when making informed decisions regarding the future of the United States. This hopefully helps show how each mind works differently and approaches politics with a unique mindset. I want to thank the participants for shedding light in their own ways on these pressing topics.


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