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A few weeks ago, I was taking a walk through the neighborhood and noticed a bird's nest perched in a tree. I love nature, so I was very curious to know if there were any eggs inside because it is that time of season. To my surprise, there were three beautiful, bright blue eggs inside! I am sure all of you know what bird this is by now because of the color. If you aren't aware, it is an American Robin!

American Robins are one of the most common and recognized birds across North America. They are always near trees and shrubs with berries since that is an essential part of their diet and they love earthworms! So if it just rained, you can expect to see an American Robin out there scavenging for dinner. Unfortunately, the lifespan of an American Robin isn't very long. According to Cornell Lab of Ornithology, they can live up to 14 years old, but the whole population of them "renews" every six years or so and they generally don't make it from one season to the next.

The nest I saw was mostly made of dead grass and twigs, but I also noticed the bird was using dryer sheets and feathers! They reinforce the nest with mud so it becomes heavier and less likely to blow away in the wind. With that being said, never disturb a nest of any kind unless absolutely necessary.

I hope you enjoy the picture I quickly took with my iPhone as much as I do. I didn't have my actual camera on me at the time, so I apologize about the quality of iPhone pictures!


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