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My first experience of Whyville was amazing. The chatrooms were really full, everyone was nice, and no one hated each other. My typical day in Whyville consists of sitting in chatrooms and talking to my close friends or random people in general.

I usually hang out at Beach-South or Woods. Woods used to be very popular, but now, Beach-South has taken over once again. My favorite games and activities on Whyville are the proms and parties, Simon Says, and Biolympics. I like the proms and the parties Whyville hosts because they are really fun, and you earn prizes from the games that you can play. I like playing Simon Says because, I get very competitive, and I always win because I am amazing at Simon Says. I like Biolympics because, it's just really fun, and you win clams, plus my friends are always silly when picking their animals.

Whynotville, is new to Whyville, but like no one goes there, which if you ask me I'm surprised no one goes there, because it's pretty chill. My favorite chat rooms are Beach South, Style Studio, and The Woods. They are my favorite rooms because I just chill there and have fun with my friends. I've never had Whypox, and I hope I never do because it messes with your avatar and it's gross.


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