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Love Lost

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I know I won't be invited in anymore
But sometimes I still walk past your door
Wondering if you will come outside and explore
The tallest buildings, the deepest cores

Been around this block so many times it's a chore
These lonely nights have become a bore
The times I cross this path are at least twenty four
I don't get tired of keeping score

The new girl's not the kind you normally go for
She's so pretty that she's an eyesore
She's everything that you could ever want and more
I used to be the one you adored

You were my boy and I was your girl next door
Partners in crime and on the dance floor
We were best friends and each other's worst tormentors
We were creating our own folklore

You wanted to be more than friends but I wasn't sure
I tore your heart like a carnivore
I didn't mean to hurt you and start this Cold War
Maybe I'm not worth feeling sorry for

These are the feelings that I have tried to ignore
And the thoughts I could not share before
It is the second year without you, the sophomore
Maybe tonight I'll knock on your door


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