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Ipsy: November Edition

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Hi everyone! For almost half a year now I've been signed up to receive Ipsy bags. If you don't know what Ipsy is and you love beauty products, then you're in for a surprise. Basically, you pay $10 a month and you get a super cute cosmetic bag with a bunch of super nice products in it. I was hesitant when I first signed up because I figured it'd be a waste of money. It actually is really amazing. I have received really nice products in my Ipsy bags from brands like Tarte, the balm, benefit cosmetics, and so much more!

Before you sign up, you also fill out a questionnaire of what products you like best so that they can personalize your bag! After you get your bag you can fill out a review on each product to earn points to get even more free products! If you like your products they also give you discount codes so you can buy more! Each product you get also comes with a tutorial online on how to use it. I thought that I'd do a monthly, honest review each month of my bag and everything in it! If you'd like to sign up you can go to this link https://www.ipsy.com/new?cid=ppage_ref&sid=link&refer=w3miy

Each month there's a theme. This month's theme was Rockstarlet.

This months bag is super cute. The design isn't my #1 favorite. (My #1 favorite was a watercolor mermaid bag I got 2 months ago). This bag is probably my #2 favorite. The design is super cute, and the inside is lined with a plastic lining. I absolutely love this because sometimes I'll have things leak in my bags and when I'm traveling it leaks through onto my clothes. This bag prevents leaks and I personally think every bag should have this!

I got this Formula X nail polish in the shade Huntress. When I looked up this brand, it's from Sephora and 1 bottle of it typically costed $12. So as you can see, just with this one product we've already passed the $10 we payed for the bag! Amazing right? I didn't notice anything super spectacular about this nail polish. I did really love this color. On the outside I couldn't tell if it was green or brown, but it was actually a shimmery blue! It was super cute and I loved it!

I'm going to try and refrain myself from talking about this product for too long. I've seen that beauty gurus on youtube use this primer a lot. I recently watched Gigi Gorgeous use this product and I've always wanted to try it. I was super stoked to try it out! So this is the POREfessional face primer by Benefit Cosmetics. I found it at Macy's for $12. This stuff is the BEST primer I've ever used in my life. I've used different primers from sephora, I've tried some ELF stuff, but none of it compares to this primer! When I apply it to my face it feels like I'm rubbing silk on it or something. It feels absolutely amazing. After I put this on I do my concealer. Ever since I started using this primer I've noticed that my concealer has covered my acne so much better! This was my all time favorite product I got in this bag, and probably the best product I've ever gotten from Ipsy. I don't think I will ever use a different primer!

I'm super picky when it comes to lip sticks. I'm not a fan of gloss at all, but I did try this product out anyway. This product is the Color is Bae Lip Laquer in the color Red Chili by Elizabeth Mott. I found this on the Elizabeth Mott website and it costs $20. The color is absolutely stunning and pink, and super shiny. I'm personally just not a fan of gloss, I prefer matte lipsticks. My mom got a matte lipstick in her Ipsy, so we ended up trading. If you like this kind of lipstick and shiny pink colors, then this lipstick is definitely for you!

This is Delectable by Cake Beauty, sweet mint & cream ultra nourishing hand cream. I found it at Ulta for $12, Khols for $9, and Target for $6. So I guess the price just depends on where you want to go. The lotion is pretty good. Nothing exceptional, just your everyday lotion. The smell is absolutely amazing though. It smells like straight up mint chocolate chip ice cream which is my favorite! The bottle was actually bigger than I expected it to be as well. A lot of the lotions we get in Ipsy comes in a tiny sample package, but the company actually sent a full sized bottle so that got me super excited!

To be honest, I haven't really tried this product yet. This is an OFRA Cosmetics Pressed Banana Powder. I've gotten a lot of different powders in my bags (which I'm not complaining because they're my favorite). I did swatch it on my hand though and I loved the color. This product is valued at $15 on the OFRA website. It seems like a pretty nice powder to me.

Overall, this was one of my favorite bags. I got things that I absolutely love, and I'm still super stoked about the primer and the discount code that came with it!


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