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La La Land

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I don't wear my heart on my sleeve
I guard my heart deep inside of me
But sometimes my heart opens up
And when it does, it bleeds profusely

It bleeds sorrows, sadness and woes
It bleeds of love lost, battles and rows
Everything that I've bottled up
Becomes undone and begins to flow

And I am reminded of you
You're ingrained in my mind like a tune
That I have tried hard to forget
But I remember out of the blue

I recall the constellations
The stars, the sun, and Earth's rotations
Everything aligned except us
Star-crossed lovers in gravitation

You had struggled for six long years
You faced rejection and cried tears
You thought you were one in the crowd
And you almost gave into your fears

You called yourself a fool with dreams
Nothing was as easy as it seemed
But you were given one last chance
And you had two paths to choose between

I thought it would be for the best
Not for me, but you and the rest
If I let you go live your dreams
I've learned the first cut is the deepest

Five years ago, you left the west coast
But you still haunt me like a ghost
I've heard that time can heal all wounds
Some wounds don't heal and they bleed the most

Author's Note: This poem was inspired by the movie "La La Land" and is from the perspective of Ryan Gosling's character, Sebastian.


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