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You Say You Don't Care

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it's been a year, where's the time gone?
i've been in your pocket for oh, so long.
never thought you'd be the one i'd lean on
thought i'd never love you -- i was oh so wrong.

it started out just for fun, no strings attached
but eventually, you reached in and gripped my heart.
two months ago, i'd think we were never to be matched,
but now, when you're gone, i start to fall apart.

you're so afraid to feel these things i make you feel,
if we get to close, you revert to a young, scared boy.
i try to hold on, i just want to help you heal
just a lost soul, once played with like a toy.

one day, we'll kiss and you'll be wrapped up in me
and the next, you're trying to tell me you aren't in love.
but you're a hypocrite, and you refuse to see
that what you and i have, is what others dream of.

you constantly worry if i've had something to eat,
and refuse to drive if i don't wear my seat belt.
when i lie next to you, i can hear the velocity of your heartbeat,
like i'm making you feel something stronger than you've ever felt.

you notice the stupid little things about me,
like how my ears move back when you say something cute.
i think, with all that said, that we can both agree
that we've built a love that not even you can refute.

i know you're scared, love is a terrifying feeling
but you know if i go, you'll be lonely and broken.
i know this kind of closeness can sometimes be unappealing,
but when it's good, it's great -- doesn't need to be spoken.

so stop trying to tell me you want me to leave,
we both know that we need one another, for better or worse.
in love and laughter, you've made me believe,
and i promise to make the pain disperse.

i love you forever and always,
and i know that you feel the same.
your smile is brighter than the sun's rays,
and you'll always be my only flame.


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